We who have been charged with infiltrating the Earth planet have frankly been remiss in our responsibility to report back to our Home Council on our progress or lack there of. Our failure to comply with this perfectly reasonable expectation is easy for us to understand but quite difficult to explain. The Earth humans are both fascinating and confusing. We are thus simply sharing a few of our observations without any serious attempt to classify or categorize our observations. We can only hope that the wise ones who sit on the Home planet’s Council exceed our capacity to grock the Earth humans and what seems to us to be their peculiar behavior. Let us simply enumerate our most thoughtful observations.

1. All of our data clearly tells us that the Earth humans’ continued dependence on the use of carbon–based fuels is gradually warming their planet. It is causing their oceans to warm and the ice caps to melt. It is causing increasingly harsh weather events and jeopardizes the viability of their planet as a place where life as they know it can be sustained. What we find most confounding is most clearly evident in the perspective of the power elite in the America pod. They simply assert that the data is wrong and that global warming is not happening or at least if it is, the consequences are inconsequential. We grock that this position is in the vested interests of the power elite but don’t grock how they don’t seem to value the future of the planet over their personal short–term gain. We are frankly astonished that our own implanted leader in the capital city is himself one of the most vocal proponents of the self–serving, no global warming position. This seeming disregard for the future sustainability of the Earth planet as a viable habitat for humans may itself be a valid reason to reconsider our intention to continue our infiltration of the Earth planet. Its suitability for our purposes is at best marginal and may soon become untenable if the global warming is permitted to continue unchecked. We of course defer to the judgment of the wise ones on the Home planet with respect to this puzzling issue.
1. We have particularly noticed this odd trend in the America pod but have also observed it elsewhere on the Earth planet in other pods. It seems that the Earth humans – and somewhat more so for the America humans – believe that politics and crime are the only event stages worth inclusion in what they call the news. The weather for today and for the next few days and sports scores are usually included in Television and Radio news, but politics and crime are the primary content of all news, whatever the medium. Frequently we note news sharing events that only include politics and crime. We suspect that the effect of this narrow focus leads to America humans coming to believe that there is much more crime than there actually is and that politics is a much stronger influence on their daily lives than it realistically is. It also causes humans to think that politicians have considerably more power and influence than they actually do. Our designated leader in the capital city is a case in point. He has an exceptional ability to get his words and activities included in nearly every news sharing event in the America pod. The Council on our Home planet has selected a leader in the capital city who has what is likely a unique ability for self–promotion. His unique ability only adds to the impression reinforced by the news media that politics are the singularly most important aspect of American society. One unfortunate side–effect of this unchallenged political focus is that most of what is truly important goes unreported in the news. The humans hear very little about what is directly effecting them, their families and their immediate communities. We aren’t asserting that politics and crime are being reported to the exclusion of everything else, but are suggesting that politics and crime are given so much attention that many other issues and concerns are made to appear to be of far less importance. We worry that this trend may actually be pushing many important issues out of mind for most America humans, with the same trend apparent elsewhere on the Earth planet. We fear that the most needy, the most neglected, the most at risk humans are disappearing from public attention as are many of the most at risk aspects of the environment, communities and those resources and services on which Earth humans depend. There is little to no indication that politicians are attending to those details of life on the Earth planet.
2. In this belated report, we want to include one additional observation for the wise ones on our home planet to ponder. The news media may easily be giving the America humans that national politics are the only politics that matter, and the obvious inability of Congress to focus effectively on the full range of issues and real problems facing the America pod means that politics and politicians are very much over–rated as a potential source of solutions to the difficulties and risks facing most America humans. Although this seems currently to be the case for national politics and politicians for the most part, it is not the case at lower levels of government. At those levels, much is happening that actually serves the interests of Earth humans in those state, county and local jurisdictions. To learn about those activities, one has to listen very carefully to the broadcast news and dig deeper into the print news. However, if one makes the effort, there are signs that politics is working in the interest of most, if not yet all America humans. For this reason, we recommend that the Home planet Council consider shifting its focus from national politics to more local politics. It may be that inserting our leader in the capital city was less useful than first thought. We intend no disrespect when making this suggestion. We simply present the notion as an observation to be evaluated by the wise ones back on our Home planet.We well know that along with being belated, this report is short and does not reflect much progress in our efforts to grock the Earth humans. We can only observe that the Earth humans are much more alien to us than we had expected. In many ways, their functioning and culture is somewhat advanced, but in other respects, their progress still remains stunted and rather primitive. When we focus particularly on the America pod, we see a promoted belief that the national politicians can and will identify and resolve the pending issues and barriers that prevent all America humans from benefiting from the opportunities and privileges afforded to many and perhaps most America humans. We are saddened to report that this seems unlikely. The espoused commitment to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all appears to be mostly lip–service to an honored principle that has little reality in practice. The have’s continue to have and the have–nots hardly matter. At least that is our impression, especially based on what passes as the news.

We now sign off. You may expect our next report when we develop what seems to us to be additional insights worthy of your time and attention.