Cats, they meow.
I don’t know how.
Cows, they moo.
That’s a mystery too.

Hens, they cluck.
Maybe it’s for luck.
Roosters, they cock–a’doodle–doo.
They’re hoping for good luck too.

Dogs, they yip.
They won’t zip their lip.
Birds, they chirp.
They don’t know how to burp.

Bees, they buzz.
That’s just what a bee does.
Doves, they coo.
They’re talking to you.

Frogs, they croak.
They’re telling a joke.
Horses, they whinny.
Without hay they get skinny.

Turkeys, they gobble.
They walk with a wobble.
Lions, they roar.
Quick, shut the door.

Mice, they squeak.
They sneak out for a peek.
Monkeys, they gibber.
But a monkey’s no fibber.

Owls, they hoot.
They may be tooting for loot.
Wolves, they howl.
That’s enough animal crackers for now.