I my friend am a country duck.
My personal ride’s a pickup truck.
I drive that truck into the muckiest muck.
You probably think my truck gets stuck.

Do I slip and slide like a hocky puck?
Can I get unstuck from that mucky muck?
Do you think my prospects totally suck?
Do you hold out no hope for my pickup truck?

Is today the end of my run of duck’s good luck?
If I pull out of the muck, will you be thunder struck?
You know that the bull will buck and the chicken cluck;
But even for a super duck, this one is nip and tuck.

Are you putting your sawbuck on me staying stuck?
Do you think this duck’s a hopeless schmuck?
Do you think I’ll soon be calling Chuck’s high priced toetruck?
Do you think I’m getting so upset that I may just upchuck?

I’m seriously tempted to just shuck this truck.
I fear I may have finally run out of luck.
But Wait. If that bull can buck and the chicken can cluck,
Maybe I can figure out how to buck this truck.

Back and forth I buck my stuck truck.
It’s starting to get unstuck from that stubbern muck.
The muckity muck is losing it’s suck.
Away I go in my pickup truck.

I’m for sure one lucky duck.