I ran across this from Steven Wright. “When I get real bored, I like to drive downtown and get a great parking spot, then sit in my car and count how many people ask me if I’m leaving.” It got me to thinking about how often my annoyances are due to other people being bored and having nothing better to do.

“Dear Steven, Get a life. If you have nothing better to do than sitting in your car counting how many people wish you would go do something else, it seems likely you do not have the mental capacity to get a life without serious psychiatric assistance. Unfortunately, even that may not help. You may be just too far gone.”

I should probably have more compassion and understanding for unfortunate souls like Steven. Yep, I definitely should but what are the odds of that? Does “When cows fly,” come to mind? I am busy, want a parking space, and have no time to commiserate with Steven.

Yes indeed, I am way too busy to be bored or to give any thought or consideration to the plight of folks who annoy me due to their boredom, or whatever else may be causing their annoying behavior. I quite simply do not have any unused time or energy to waste on them. I want them to just quit interfering, quit doing whatever annoys me.

I hope this is not a picture of typical me, although I am sure at times it is. It may be most of us have a little inclination in there somewhere to emotionally, socially, or mentally brush people off, ignore them, or insensitively reject their overtures when they get in the path of our interests, activities, or ambition. “It is an I world and I am busy, too busy to bother with you.”

When I think I’m too busy and have no time to spare,

I won’t forget it’s YOU who is there.

I can at least take a minute to find out what you need,

Before I move on, get back up to speed.